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Blue-collar New Jersey and bluegrass Kentucky have just as big a stake in the future of this tragic site as the wealthy bien-pensant population of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, epitomised by New York’s billionaire Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent mayor Michael Bloomberg. The enthusiasm for this mosque is contrasted starkly with the conspicuous failure to rebuild the Twin Towers after nine years; refusal of planning permission for the rebuilding of a nearby Greek Orthodox church damaged in the attacks; and failure to implement a promise to meet the health care costs of rescue workers who sustained debilitating illnesses and injuries on 9/11. There’s no Muslim population in this part of Manhattan. New York’s Governor David Paterson has offered the mosque’s backers an alternative site, away from Ground Zero, but has so far been rebuffed.It is hallowed ground, a shrine as holy as any of the Muslim ‘holy cities’ which America’s mainstream media insist are routinely violated by U. In any debate about Islam, it is obligatory to emphasise that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving etc. But it remains indisputable that 9/11 was an attack carried out by Muslims, in the name of an admittedly insane form of their faith. It is difficult not to conclude that the location of this project is designed deliberately to be provocative.What seems to be forgotten in this case, as so often when it comes to dealing with Islam, is that tolerance is a two-way street. There are already 100 official mosques in New York’s five boroughs, and more than 1,800 across America. While Pelosi and others have questioned the motives of the mosque’s opponents, there has been little investigation into its backers.

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His own party is split on the issue, with even Senate majority leader Harry Reid coming out against the mosque, as he tries to cling on to his own seat in November.

Gingrich’s deliberately incendiary analogy hit its intended target.

America’s liberal elite spasmed into overdrive, branding all opposition to the mosque as being motived by bigotry and religious hatred, in an attempt to shut down debate.

But his reaction was characteristically legalistic, when it should have been empathetic. a few weeks ago, it was obvious that this had the potential to explode on to the national stage. Sarah Palin, the pin-up of the populist Tea Party movement, was busily Twittering her opposition.

He concentrated on process, when he should have been focusing on politics and public reaction. After Newt Gingrich, a potential Republican Presidential candidate in 2012, likened the mosque to planting a swastika at a Holocaust memorial, or a Japanese cultural centre at Pearl Harbour, it went nuclear.

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