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Go buy Donny some nice clothes I want to see you with a boy who dresses better. Had SF leaders been a little bit concerned about its people, maybe Kate would not have been murdered. No one talks about the rapes or the murders, nor the destroyed lives of the families in the wake of this mayhem. Also, Kate’s murder isn’t part of the liberal narrative.

Better to hold onto the cult-like groupthink, rather than face the truth.

But the brutality towards women by illegals — and also by American thugs. Better to maintain one’s rigid point of view, that is, — conservatives — bad; liberals — good.

And no one seems concerned that a city like San Francisco (and others in California) couldn’t care less about protecting Americans. Those in power are so intent on protecting the “rights” of people who here illegally, they harbor illegals.

And yet when a pregnant woman is brutally killed, and an illegal alien caught and then acquitted (one who had been continually deported), there is not a word of righteous indignation.

People may worry endlessly about the poor, suffering prisoners.

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This is what liberalism inevitably leads to: a cold and uncaring heart.

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Sure dad and I drink that’s different We like to have fun We deserve some fun, don’t we? He offers a drink and you say no, You are ungrateful, selfish, a selfish little b_______ Sometimes I wish I could shove you back up. He has never left them He is just waiting, waiting, waiting for them – crying tears of sorrow too. A 20 something was shot on Interstate 80 driving home from her job. I also have to question why such a high profile criminal trial wasn’t moved out of San Francisco to a more neutral milieu. Chandra Levy was also killed, apparently by an illegal from El Salvador. For one, the news coverage by the liberal press has been, in a word, disgusting.

And my Christmas wish is that God’s people would embrace their dignity; that the young would rise from the dirt and go home – That everyone would go Home Not just to the places from which they came, But to Him, who still loves them, who loved them first; And it doesn’t matter what horrible things they have done. and lived a few years in a wheelchair with her parents before dying of her injuries. A Berkeley school teacher was shot in the head and mortally wounded while driving in the flatlands of Richmond, near I-80. A CPD officer was just killed today, on Christmas, by a drunk and drugged driver. Many witnesses saw him shoot and kill Kate Steinle. I have to wonder how in the world this acquittal happened — with so many witnesses, including the Kate’s father. but I do know that Kate Steinle isn’t the only American whose life has been (probably) snuffed out by an illegal immigrant.

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  • Robin of Berkeley Notes from the Underground

    A pregnant young woman, Kate Steinle, is murdered in cold blood. Her father witnesses this horror, cradling her in his arms as she begs him to help her.…

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