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People may worry endlessly about the poor, suffering prisoners.

This is what liberalism inevitably leads to: a cold and uncaring heart.

Go buy Donny some nice clothes I want to see you with a boy who dresses better. Had SF leaders been a little bit concerned about its people, maybe Kate would not have been murdered. No one talks about the rapes or the murders, nor the destroyed lives of the families in the wake of this mayhem. Also, Kate’s murder isn’t part of the liberal narrative.

Public officials refuse to turn illegals over to ICE — even those who have been arrested for crimes. no NPR specials about the plethora of crime by illegals, mostly against women. Consequently, she wasn’t a member of one of the Left’s designated victim groups deserving of any sympathy.

I say: Merry Christmas To the young women who were once adorned with gold jewelry and the luscious scent of roses and lavender, Now branded with black, red, and blue ink, and cartoon characters, dark symbols, that mark their arms, legs, even, sometimes, their faces; I say Merry Christmas to the men who have lost their bearings, their purpose, their Juliettes; who keep their heads down and mouths shut doped up on the pot that soon will be legal, For the young kids who left warm homes to live in tent cities out in the dirt. A pregnant young woman, Kate Steinle, is murdered in cold blood.

I’ve been feeling a bit sad lately looking out at the wreckage of the human race, which I see in full blazing technicolor each day. It has been inspired by WH Auden’s evocative poem, Looking out at all the people dying a slow death around me and who don’t even know it, I say: Merry Christmas. To the ruin of what once was a proud nation, now at each other’s throats.

I wish you could have met her; she was a lot like you — messy. And when a woman is victimized — not just one, but countless –no one raises an eyebrow or seems to care.

You remind me of my sister; She was only l7 when she died. So rather than trying to arrest (literally and figuratively) the plague of violence in our streets, liberalism aids and abets the violence.

Better to hold onto the cult-like groupthink, rather than face the truth.

But the brutality towards women by illegals — and also by American thugs. Better to maintain one’s rigid point of view, that is, — conservatives — bad; liberals — good.

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