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[Read: How to make a girl want you and desire you sexually] #9 You accept failure without even trying.

Most of the times, we moan about how unfair life is. If you’re going to give up on something easily even without putting in the effort, can you really expect even the best of dating tips to help you?But that won’t make you a better person or help you experience a better romance. Making a move and meeting someone interesting in real life is the hard part.What’ll make you better is the initiative you take to genuinely follow the tips and learn from them. You can read all the tips you want, but unless you do something about it and implement it in your life, it won’t do you any good.And to use any tips on dating successfully, you need to visualize the situation and be aware of who you are as an individual. Sometimes, the easiest way to make a dating tip work for you is by relating it to your own life and making little improvisations to the advice you hear so it can make you a better dater and a better person.[Read: The dating girl code every girl needs to know!The tips you come across are like the daily horoscope you read in the papers.It’s not written specifically for you, keeping your life in mind.[Read: 12 dating rules classy men and women always follow] #1 Dating tips are a buffet.Almost all the time, the tips you come across do work. Choose what works for you but learn from the other tips too.[Read: The real reason behind why you’re having a hard time finding true love] #2 Are you really that good already? Start slow and build your confidence instead of trying something the wrong way and giving up on dating entirely.[Read: The secret behind attracting men in a way they can’t resist] #3 You have expectations from your partner. You may want to date a celebrity or the hottest person in your office or college.

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