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Women wearing wide belts intimidating

(I can’t see how it’s attached—maybe with a spring clasp on its back that slides into the slot.) A chain attached to its stem hangs down about a half-inch below the belt, then loops up and attaches somehow to the upper center of the metal front, just inside the shadow."I enlarged the photo of the belt to 31meg pixels and lightened, and it appears to be a leather belt with Flexible band attached about 1" wide, the belt 2" wide; There appears to have a loop, like for a padlock.

Women wearing wide belts intimidating christiandating for

Further, it continues unbroken into the shadow to its left (from the viewer’s vantage point) until it terminates in a matching oval-end-with-rivet.

"Add definition and style with our collection of belts.

The ultimate finishing touch to any look you've got going; whether its a cigarette trouser and blouse work combo or accessorising a pair of jeans, browse our collection today.

It is about five inches long and constitutes a 'false front' - the actual belt buckle must be hidden beneath it."The technique was employed back then.

A belt with a hidden under-buckle and a large, elaborate false-front buckle is shown on page 42 of Victorian Fashion Accessories by Dover Books.

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