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Windows clients updating bind

There are three components in the dependency of Active Directory on DNS: The Windows Server 2003 or later domain controller locator, implemented in the Net Logon service, enables a client to locate a domain controller.The component contains the DNS–compatible and the Windows NT 4.0–compatible locators that provide interoperability in a mixed Windows Server 2003 or later – and Windows NT 4.0–based environment.

In this example, corp is the prefix and is the suffix.

Active Directory domains have two types of names: DNS names and Net BIOS names. The DNS names of Active Directory domains include two parts, a prefix and a suffix.

The DNS prefix is the first label in the DNS name of the domain.

The suffix is the name of the Active Directory forest root domain.

When a Windows NT 4.0 master user domain (MUD) is upgraded, the decision is made whether or not to use the current Net BIOS name of the domain as a DNS prefix.

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