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Who is nas dating now

Apparently, recently, Nas was one of many stars as a private event with some billionaires.

” Greenleaf asked what his online dating profile would say if he were on one of the dating sites.

Here’s how Nas responded and ladies, these are the things some of us would be looking for in a potential suitor: We can believe that about him.

They have taken pictures together in the past but nobody thought anything about it until now.

Five days ago Nas was spotted vacationing with Vanessa Bronfman, daughter of former Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr., sparking rumors that the two are romantically involved.

Romance rumors have been swirling ever since Nicki Minaj shared an intimate picture with fellow Queens native Nas on Instagram.

During her appearance on Ellen on Tuesday, Minaj addressed the rumors head on after Ellen Degeneres made a smooth transition from discussing her Paris Fashion Week outfit to her dating life.

When he told her that his “smiling” face was the same as his “angry” face, Greenleaf told him that he must be the hardest person in the world to date.

Nas responded by laughing (and finally getting out a smile) saying, “No no, I’m the best person to date!

But, Nas was apparently there with singer Melanie Fiona.

In attendance as well was Russell Simmons, Harvey Weinstein, Spike Lee, and several other notables.

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