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Who is justin bieber dating now 2016

"It was beautiful," she said of the One Love Manchester show that Bieber played. Multiple sources tell TMZ that Bieber and Gomez reconnected around the time Gomez announced she had gotten a kidney transplant in September.

(Jenner, in 2015,would come out and say that she and Bieber never dated.)We were working out how to be in a relationship, how to be ourselves, who we were, in the middle of having people judge our relationship through the media. Because then, it's like trust and all this other stuff that starts messing with your mind. I was in the Bieber ex label makes her feel defeated.

"I would try to promote something that I loved, and the entire interview would be about my personal life.

"During his concert between songs, he was alluding to the fact that he wasn't happy to be there.

At one point during the concert he was just lying on the stage not singing, just letting the track run."We're told he actually ended up leaving the concert 20 minutes early with Selena, forcing Skrillex to close the show by himself. "The speculation is that an argument had taken place between the two before the show since he cancelled the date plans," says the source, who adds, "Something had shifted Bieber's mood completely."Meanwhile, all of this Jelena news has really been causing quite the stir for fans of the famous couple. We're told she had an amazing time watching him perform and hanging out with him in his dressing room after the show."[Selena and Justin] looked genuinely comfortable together," an onlooker revealed to us.

Justin Bieber was about to go all out to win Selena Gomez back again..something made him cancel all his plans. News exclusively that the 22-year-old singer had planned to surprise his former girlfriend after she attended his Los Angeles However, things didn't go as planned and Bieber ended up "calling it off.""I don't know why he didn't go through with it, and I also don't know if he ever even told Selena about his plan, but I do know he is really obviously trying to date her again," the source explains.

"He wanted to do something big and extravagant for her like this and had been making arrangements for the movie date before his concert even started."However, another insider says Justin's mood was "off" the entire day leading up to the big night."He cancelled his meet and greet that fans paid 00 for," the source notes.

Bieber then make his first petty remark about The Weeknd.

He tells the paparazzi when asked whether he listens to The Weeknd's music, "Hell no, that shit is whack."February 2017: Gomez briefly likes and then unlikes a Jelena throwback collage, freaking out Jelena fans on Instagram: Later that month, Bieber's second petty move comes on an Instagram Live story when he mocks The Weeknd's music again. It was really beautiful."September 2017: Gomez's assistant Theresa Mingus likes a comment that says Jelena is "NEVEERRRR" going to happen again.

Bieber's car is photographed that nightarriving at Gomez's. (along with the fact it happened before Gomez hung with Bieber during that all-day marathon.)A source insists to E!

Online, meanwhile, that Gomez and Bieber are just friends, but that could be temporary.

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