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Thanks for sharing this post on Traffic Jam Weekend! Although I am glad I did both, I can only imagine the pain of really wanting children and not being able to conceive. Many women marry assuming they can have children then end up like Chenoa.

I understand her husband’s perspective, but somehow it feels cruel to me. Khloe K comes to mind and so does Giuliana Rancic who ended up using a surrogate because she just couldn’t get pregnant and on the way found out she had breast cancer. I’ve never heard of such high levels of infertility among women of childbearing age.

Along the way, one of my closest friends supported me through it all. Just found out a colleague of mine is the Executive Producer.

My son is the most amazing gift and will one day be a great contribution to society however, do I want more kids? I have a partner but I’m not sure we want that responsibility – should I get pregnant we’d keep of course but right now I’m 50/50.

It’s a decision you have to be 100% for and like Chenoa claims she’s being selfish – that’s great as long as you are aware and don’t have kids on that mentality. Don’t bring kids into the mix if you’re still feeling selfish because they end up paying the price – just be selfish, there is nothing wrong with that.

I’ve had at least five laparoscopies, a D&C, countless ultrasounds and cat scans…I’ve taken all sorts of medication, done acupuncture, lived at the nutritionist office and changed my diet repeatedly to find relief.

There were times when I felt like a laboratory rat because doctors were just trying stuff and nothing worked. My speech teacher in college told my mother she should take me out of school because I was disrupting her class.

If I really love my husband the way I say I do, I have to leave him because he is meant to be a father. It’s being called the new modern Sex In The City and I totally get it.

And then I have to think about how am I going to watch the man I love have a baby with someone else. Chenoa Maxwell That’s the story of Chenoa Maxwell on the new reality show Love In The City on OWN. Cast members Bershan, Chenoa, Kiyah and Tiffany have been real friends for many years just like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.Kids prevent you from being 100% selfish and that is when resentment can grow. Plus she doesn’t want children which creates a huge problem.Whew great topic definitely have a lot to say on that matter. They could adopt however, that may not work for either.I want nothing to do with it and cringe at the thought of it!In addition, I’ve suffered from severe endometriosis for many years.Let me tell you something about me; I’ve never wanted to have children.Nothing about being pregnant and childbirth have ever appealed to me.In fact, I’ve always envisioned motherhood as part of the romantic wholeness of marriage and family and in my mind, it still is inseparable from love.Without one, I haven’t had a chance at the other.” Otherhood is a term used to describe single women of a certain age who want marriage and motherhood yet are approaching the end of their fertility.He’s giving up the love of a woman he’s shared life with for 13 years. I think every woman should find out if she can have children…find out if all the plumbing is working before she gets married.Chenoa’s husband is in a tough spot because he wants to have a child of his own which is wife cant give him.

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