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The sheriff of Renard Parish, Louisiana, and living in the small town of Bon Temps, Andy plays a prominent recurring role through the series' first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh season, was last seen in the series' finale episode, " Andy is not always a very responsible character; this may be due to having a spoiled upbringing.While a relatively competent police officer, he has little confidence in his abilities because he feels nobody gives him full respect.

In season Three, he is shown to be a much better cop.

It should be noted that, for all his aggressiveness towards suspects who were clearly innocent and beyond his reach, Andy is by no means a bigot- quite unlike his predecessor, Sheriff Bud Dearborne.

She has been in four celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.9 years each.

A sea of hands in the air – many balancing pints precariously – reach for the ceiling of the Hammersmith Apollo as the crowd sings along to Erasure’s 1990 hit “Blue Savannah”.

On a platform above Bell is Vince Clarke on keys...

and the occasional light-up tambourine that you never thought you needed in your life before tonight. There are five tracks from the album featured in tonight’s 24-track setlist – testament to the sheer power of Erasure that they can, if they want, afford to leave out certain hits – and still have the crowd screaming for more.Andy has shown to be overwhelmed by his unexpected parenthood, especially since his half-fairy daughters are literally growing up in a matter of days.Despite this, he has continued to show good character as a sheriff.Andy Bell is, as ever, on vocals and commands the crowd from centre stage of a set made entirely of neon bars.This also forms mini stages for the powerhouse divas on backing vocals that flank his either side throughout.Over the next season, Andy once again shows his stubborn streak, but nobody pays him any heed- since he has turned to drinking and more and more of them are falling under Maryann's spell.When Jason returns to Bon Temps, they put aside their feud and begin working as a team; Andy's now-pessimistic attitude helps tone down Jason's optimistic, military attitude, showing Andy that he is able to work with people better than he can alone; thus, when Jason accidentally kills Eggs, Andy quickly and effectively takes charge of the situation.They roar with delight when he does his signature dance moves across the stage – despite the tour having only recently briefly been delayed due to his illness.With vocals and routines as strong as ever, you’d never know.For this loyal fanbase, seeing the band live is a near-religious experience.A Scottish voice within earshot drawls: “You see – this is why you do the hits.” Fortunately for the synthpop duo, the hits are in abundance thanks to a 33-year career.

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