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There’s a particularly crowd-pleasing cover of Blondie’s “Atomic” which, with their previously mentioned back catalogue, they really don’t need to do.

It’s feel-good, thumping electropop that rarely lets up from the deafening opening of broken-hearted disco anthem “Oh L’amour” to the as-expected encore of “A Little Respect”.

On a platform above Bell is Vince Clarke on keys...

Terry has suffered from his experiences as an Iraq veteran and Andy convinced Sam to give him a job as a chef.

This eventually reconnected Terry to the Bon Temps community he lived in.

I keep wondering what the heck Machismo was even doing in the race given the tactics.

Terry Bellefleur - Paternal first cousin (deceased) † Portia Bellefleur - Sister Caroline Bellefleur - Paternal grandmother Bill Compton - 4x-Great-grandfather (destroyed) † Holly - Fiancée Maurella - Mother of his daughters (possibly deceased) † Adilyn Bellefleur - Daughter Braelyn Bellefleur - Daughter (deceased) † Charlaine Bellefleur - Daughter (deceased) † Danika Bellefleur - Daughter (deceased) †", in the series' first season.

During the set, Bell sheds his suit jacket to reveal an oversized sequinned T-shirt, before later discarding this too in favour of a tattooed body suit with shorts. ” when it is, quite clearly, one of the greatest pop songs ever.

It’s classic Erasure, and heartening to see that Bell clearly intends to grow old disgracefully. Noticeable crowd moments include euphoric singalongs to “Chains of Love”, “Victim of Love” and “Phantom Bride” – and that sellout audience chanting “Guilty! It’s these anthemic, singalong moments that have the crowd completely in Bell’s hand.

As a result, when he forms a hunch, he will doggedly continue to back it up, even when the world turns against him.

This explains his blatant hostility towards Jason Stackhouse (the major suspect in the Drew Marshall murders) and his subsequent swell of confidence when Jason is framed, but his confidence is deflated after he is ultimately proved wrong, leaving the town even more contemptuous of him than before.

However, he was still unable to kill her and instead slammed the door in her face.

In flashbacks Andy has shown great care for his cousin Terry.

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