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When your ex starts dating someone else

If you see your ex is getting close to someone or he/she gets in a new relationship or found new love, you need to deal with it wisely without affecting.In this article, we would discuss some tips to deal with your ex when he/she starts dating someone else.

2- It’s not a competition Don’t give your ex more importance in your life and stop making him/her your priority.Especially if they still carry so much leftover baggage from the relationship: resentment, anger and other unresolved issues after the breakup, there is really no space in their heart for a new relationship.And often they don't know that till they're in one.What your ex do in his/her life is totally none of your business.Also read: 6 Things To Avoid During An Argument With Your Girlfriend 4- Don’t rush Don’t rush to get into a new relationship or try to jealous your ex. Firstly, give yourself time to relax and move on because if you are not ready for the new relationship you’re able to make your new partner happy. Wait for the right person in your life instead of getting jealous. 6- Stop stalking When you start stalking your ex, it will give you pain and you wouldn’t be able to move on. Bottom line is If they're still angry at you, they're not over you. Love and hate are but separated by a very thin line.My take is he wasn't looking for a relationship, or at least unconsciously he wasn't.Someone told me that my ex was going through a rough patch with his girlfriend cause he was not over me/our relationship.I heard he'd been pushing her away for months and he couldn't let go of his resentment or whatever feelings he had left for me. Just like most women, she wanted progress in relationship (and like most women, it was always not soon enough) and there had been none.Rebound relationship is a common occurrence during a breakup.My clients usually get terribly anxious when they find out that their exes are dating again or entering a new relationship. The answer is, very likely, no and the fact that they're seeing someone else can actually work in your favor as it serves as a clarity and as such it can even hasten the reconciliation process if you know how to handle yourself.

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