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When did kendra start dating hank baskett

It also definitely didn't end with a bang, as he recorded under 100 yards his last 3 years.

But judging by the raunchy nature of the photo along with her captioning it "Mood", let's hope Baskett was also able to join along for the ride.

Wilkinson is definitely active in sharing her fitness routines on her Instagram page, including very recently. I guess it counted as a round of squats," said Wilkinson on Twitter.

Which makes it clear that 2018 is going to be a huge year for her to continue honing her jaw-dropping body. When Kendra shared this photo to her Instagram account, she captioned it "Honestly what the ... However, most guys would agree this is hardly an outfit choice they would ever contest.

If not, let's hope he saw the post and knew what to expect for when she walked back through the door.

Nothing like an Instagram post to let the world know just what you were hoping to get up to later!

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