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Its surface is covered by a protective epithelium where bacteria and other microorganisms grow.

The ectocervix (that's the vaginal part of the cervix) is not sterile, but the endocervix (that's the canal of the cervix) and the upper genital tract are assumed to be sterile in healthy women.

Pain related to intercourse is a condition most appropriately checked by a primary health-care professional or a women's health specialist (gynecologist).

A clear or whitish fluid may start to flow out of the vagina to keep it clean.

The vagina is the tube leading from the uterus to the outside of the body. It has to be lubricated to stay clean and allow sexual intercourse and childbirth.

Applying lubricating gels to the outer sexual organs, the vulva and labia, as well as using lubricating products in the vagina may be helpful to some women and ease pain during intercourse.

Sex toys, such as vibrators or dildos, may also be useful.

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