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I do, of course, like travelling to other parts of the UK and overseas too!I enjoy any kind of walk, from strenuous walking in the Alps to a leisurely stroll along a wooded valley.His son later posted it on You Tube because the pair thought it was "very funny"."We were filming the deer and all of a sudden this man came from behind us and was agitated to say the least because he had lost control of his dog," he said on Tuesday night.

But instead of members of the public using their own photos, cheeky Twitter users submitted images of Peter Sutcliffe and Joseph Fritzl among other notorious criminals.

Many people were sympathising with Walkers' social media manager after the huge backlash because of the storm the videos had created.

I love being in the countryside and used to live in a lovely rural area on the North Yorkshire coast.

However, I now live in an old cottage on the side of the idyllic Malvern hills and like to get out as much as possible to explore the area.

Even a Speed Dating event is more natural than meeting someone online.

Walkers dating agency

Click offer a safe, welcoming atmosphere with a host to meet you and introduce you to other single people who have come on their own.

However the PR stunt, aimed at getting people to sign up to a competition, failed spectacularly when users started submitting photos of criminals instead of their own selfies.

Images were seemingly added to the animated videos by an automatic bot, and before long notorious murderers including Peter Sutcliffe were appearing in the #Walkers Wave clips being shared by the corporate account.

I appreciate the route to the destination too, so marching without stopping to admire the scenery is not my idea of a day out! I am single and would like to find a walking partner to share the views, experiences, etc.

I like taking photos and have my own website where I sell greetings cards! Adrian A bit more about me: I love Scrambling & Edges - the more exposure the better.

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