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This booklet for adults contains practical, easy-to-use information about how to reach and maintain a healthy weight - including tips on healthy eating and physical activity.

Also includes information about weight-loss medicine and surgery, as well as portion and serving size information, sample reduce-calorie menus, tips on dining out, a sample walking program, a weekly food and activity diary, and more.

This booklet is part of the 100 year anniversary celebration of the discovery of sickle cell disease by Dr. This laminated card provides health care professionals with guidance on measuring blood pressure in children 3 - 17, as well as interpreting and classifying results.

Separate Systolic Blood Pressure Percentile Tables are presented for Girls and Boys by age and height.

Recommended research initiatives include looking at the connection between sleep and circadian systems (the body's natural 24-hour cycle), studying the influence of genetic and environmental factors that could influence a person's sleep health, and conducting more comparative effectiveness trials to improve treatments for sleep and circadian disorders.

Designed to help promote and teach a 6-lesson course on asthma management and control specifically created for the Latino community.

The new Clinical Practice Guidelines provide the complete and authoritative presentation on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the common, inherited bleeding disorder known as von Willebrand Disease.

This is the first-ever evidence-based presentation by NHLBI on this topic, and the first ever prepared in the United States.También pueden ser utilizados sin el manual para dirigir conversaciones sobre el asma.Los dibujos educativos son bilingües (en español e inglés). It provides a chronology of landmark events marking the major advances in research and treatment related to sickle cell disease, along with background information on the condition.En el manual se usan modelos a seguir y contextos familiares para la comunidad latina.Este manual se usa en conjunto con el rotafolio de dibujos educativos. This teaching tool includes colorfully illustrated flip chart pages and tabletop stand, with pictures that are keyed to teaching activities in the promotores manual. Esta es una herramienta para la enseñanza y viene en forma de un rotafolio con páginas ilustradas a colores que se puede apoyar sobre la mesa.Content is based on the NHLBI National Asthma Education and Prevention Program's updated Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma.Includes culturally appropriate teaching scripts, learning activities, and reproducible handouts.Interactive activities use role play, problem-solving, and discussion to help reinforce the material.Latino role models and family contexts appear throughout.In addition, limited quantities of print materials are available free of charge from the NHLBI Center for Health Information (CHI), which is the new name for the NHLBI Health Information Center.Our enhanced Online Catalog is currently under development.

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