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Updating payment for xbox live

Microsoft has more information on the various passkey settings.

Simply sign in, select your Gamerpic in the top-left, then go to ‘Customise’, and then select your tag.

Once again, check the availability of the Gamertag you want, and claim it if it’s available. Xbox One The good news is that once you change your Gamertag it will update across all your devices automatically, and update on your friends’ lists, so you don’t need to let anyone know about the change.

Prior to this change in policy, Microsoft required XBLA developers to pay a fee to resubmit titles that failed certification; now, developers are required only to pay a single submission fee with no charges for re-submissions.

Developers may be charged for "excessive" re-submissions, however.

The easiest way to change your Gamertag is on a PC, smartphone or tablet through your web browser. Unsurprisingly you can also change your Gamertag from your Xbox One itself.

Just go to the Change Gamertag page on Microsoft’s site, sign in, and check if the tag you want is available to use. Simply scroll left from the Home to enter the Guide, go to the top, and select your Gamerpic.

Either way, first you have to delete your current passkey.

To do that, scroll left from the Xbox One homescreen to open the guide, and go to ‘Settings’, then ‘All Settings’, then ‘Account’.

However, we do not comment on terms of our agreements with developers." We've reached out to Microsoft to confirm that the policy has changed and for further details into how this new system might work.

Update: Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox Live, has confirmed to Polygon in a tweet that fees for title updates to Xbox Live Arcade games were removed in April.

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