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Net App Commandline Cheatsheet This is a quick and dirty Net App commandline cheatsheet on most of the common commands used, this is not extensive so check out the man pages and Net App documentation. Verification compares the data in both plexes of a mirrored aggregate.I will be updating this document as I become more familar with the Net App application. In the default case, all blocks that differ are logged, but no changes are media_scrub status Note: Prints the media scrubbing status of the named aggregate, plex, or group.The status includes a percent-complete and whether it is suspended.

vol copy start -s nightly.1 vol0 toaster1:vol0 Note: Copies all data, including snapshots, from one volume to another.

If you specify snap_delete, Data ONTAP attempts to create more free space by deleting Snapshot copies, before increasing the size of the volume.

Data ONTAP deletes Snapshot copies based on the specifications you provided using the snap autodelete clone create clone_vol [-s none|file|volume] -b parent_vol [parent_snap] vol clone split start vol clone split stop vol clone split estimate vol clone split status Note: The vol clone create command creates a flexible volume named clone_vol on the local filer that is a clone of a "backing" flexible volume named par_ent_vol.

If the -S flag is used, the command copies all snapshots in the source volume to the destination volume.

To specify a particular snapshot to copy, use the -s flag followed by the name of the snapshot.

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