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Back up any personal or important files from the Toughbook. S degree in networking and one in software development and continues to develop programs and websites in addition to writing.

I do not know if the problem is on my keyboard or anything else, because when firstly I used my keyboard to set the BIOS (CMOS date/time), the keyboard worked perfectly. Finally, The problem actually was not on my keyboard but on the BIOS.

I decided to change my netbook harddisk after the machine became so slow and cannot load Win 7.

After I place my new HDD into my machine (I upgrade from WD 320GB to Toshiba 500GB), I was prompted to set the bios.

Remember all that "Create a DOS boot CD, run the flasher" rubbish? The Asus EZ-Flash system lets you flash directly from a USB stick (or, possibly, other media - but as the 1215N only has a USB port, it's the one we're using).

The trick is that if you try it, it probably won't work. EZ-Flash seems to require a hideous FAT16 filesystem to function.

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