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Updating drac firmware

So I clicked export and figured it would start exporting, well not quite yet… While I was waiting I figured I would boot up my second R610 and try to use the Unified Server Configurator that someone pointed out on twitter.Dell Repository Manager told me I needed to have a plugin, what the heck give me the plugin… This server was experiencing no issues so update would be fairly simple.

Yes I found a Windows update package but it won’t run, it craps out with an “this update package is not compatible…” error.

So I figured why not try to download a bootable ISO that contains all the firmware for a Dell R610…. After another hour I figured out I needed to download the Dell Server Update Utility.

It is recommended to first update all of the suggested firmwares and then again launch Platform Update to update USC itself separately, because it was found to be the less reliable update of all.

Sometimes, the USC will get stuck after update and the server will keep displaying “Entering USC…” message for hours (everything below 20 minutes might still be fine).

I downloaded that and figured I could just boot it and update the firmware, well not quite yet.

It appears you need to also download a Repository Manager. I don’t want to manage a repository, I expect my hardware vendor to manage it and just offer an ISO which contains all firmware I could possibly need.

Hence, this compilation was created in a hope that it will be useful and save time to some.

Let us consider a case of a Dell Power Edge R710 featuring 2 x 2T hard drives and a 100G solid state drive, equipped with an i DRAC 6 Enterprise remote access card.

The process is rather trivial: one needs to boot off the DVD and launch the platform update process.

The update program will request the DVD to be replaced with SUU DVD or another media containing the update repository.

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