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Of course this is for Win Forms, for WPF there's the dispatcher. I'm asking, 'cause, in the past I experienced errors when updating UI from a raised event using both of the options above. The first method (Begin Invoke) ensures that the UI update code executes on the same thread that created the control. Having all UI updating code execute on the same thread avoids alot of threading issues and allows you to use controls that are not necessarily thread-safe.

Postfix Completion v1.0.0.0 by “Shvedov Alexander”#3. You will see a screen like the one on the left below.Tap Install in the top-right to begin.3) Terms and conditions will appear, as shown in the right-hand picture above.The newest versions of Adobe Flash Player on Windows and Mac OS can regularly check for updates and install them for you.Make sure that you always install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to protect against security issues.If you’re on any i OS version lower than current and this screen appears, despite a newer one being available, you know updates are now blocked on your device.If this screen reports anything else, starts downloading an update, or already shows an update downloading, cancel/remove the download and then try the guide again.6) As a final check, navigate to Settings General, and look for Profiles.If you find yourself annoyed with update notifications that you can't disable, there's a way to get around that.If you can't disable update checking from within a program, then chances are pretty decent that the service is running in the Task Scheduler.If it reports that your software is up-to-date, as seen in the right-hand picture above, then it worked!Of course, if you’re already on the newest firmware you’ll get this screen anyway, but this guide assumes you’re on an older firmware in anticipation of a jailbreak.

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