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Understanding men in dating

Throughout this high impact training Alpha Men will discover: This course offers you an easy and practical guide for better understanding some of the key aspects of the female mind.

When it comes to understanding women, you have to get to the core of what they want from a man.

The following question could possibly be the biggest question in the history of dating.

What I’ve found incredible about this study is when you ask people the same question they virtually always conform to the study’s results; men choose love, women choose sex.

There is no better starting point than this in your quest to understand men.

Most women will claim that they’re relatively straight talking, non-complex and easy to understand. So, what are some easy to understand guidelines when it comes to understanding women?

Most men, however, will claim that the complete opposite is true. Women Aren't From Venus: A Mans Guide to Understanding Women offers a practical, pragmatic, honest and compassionate guide for mature men who have a genuine desire to better understand the internal mechanics of the women in their lives.

Just as women want to feel special, men want to feel like they are the ones that make them feel special.

The key to understanding men and women is the appreciation that both sexes are working to the same goal but from different perspectives.

As a smart, successful and alpha male, how do you better understand the women in your life?

In this video, Kain introduces the course and discusses what we will investigate throughout this course.

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