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Tips for dating a fireman

Having respect while in and around the firehouse is extremely important to uphold, since you are, after all, a guest in their house.

Don’t over step the invitation of being at the firehouse, don’t disrespect any of the members, and remember they all (yes, every single member) have to sign off on the relationship too!

Don’t even start with them seeing or smelling smoke, they’ll tell you exactly what is burning to have produced a particular smell or color of smoke.

When you first start hanging around the firehouse you will notice very few of the members have normal names.

And when you call someone with a nickname by their given name, you’ll get weird looks as if they have no idea who you’re talking about.

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Just like how doctors can flip a switch on when they see someone who needs medical attention, firefighters have the same switch, but it can be triggered a lot easier.

From helping someone load bags into their car, helping someone cross the street, searching for lost animals, or just helping someone who is in distress, your firefighter will probably have an inkling to help anyone who needs it.Until you get to know the other members, you will always be referred to as (insert firefighter’s name/nickname)'s girlfriend.But don’t stress too much- it’s just a way of them keeping track who is with who and it’s a lot easier for them to reference you this way.For the first few months, you’ll think something is wrong…but after that you’ll just chalk it up to being part of his/her inner firefighter.Anyone who has seen or knows a firefighter knows that the pager is ALWAYS on his/her hip no matter what the occasion.Oh- and once it goes off, good luck not jumping from the high pitch sound it gives off.but I finally got the point that maybe work is his get away time, and wait for him to call me. Anyone else carry a pager around 24/7 hoping to get called out? Did you ever consider he may face diciplinary action for always being on the phone?I think the biggest thing is that as me working in EMS also we don't see eachother alot anymore. Well he does-doesn't matter what time it is or what were doing he is always ready to go-VOLUNTARILY. why is it that guys always act differently when they are at the station? I am sure there is a time slot (after training, inspections, and between calls) where they are given a partial liberty at the station and he will have ample time to call you.Hey everyone, So I have been dating my boyfriend (who is a FF/Paramedic) for about a year and a half now.I must say that his job has been very stressful on our relationship. When he is at work I used to text and call him all the time etc... First of all when he's on duty he's paid to be a public servant, not text or call you.

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