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Study samples expiration dating

Of these, only aspirin and amphetamine had deteriorated below generally recognized minimum acceptable potency.One other, phenacetin, showed a concentration of less than 60% when tested in one medication, but 110% in another.Expired sample medications may also be a significant problem.

In this study, 14% of sample medications were expired.Indeed, in a qualitative study of 18 family practice offices, Backer and colleagues described a wide variety of sample closet organization systems from “an extraordinary and meticulously organized shelving system,” to a closet that was an “overfilled, disorganized stack of shelves,” where “staff spent vast amounts of time searching for the appropriate sample.” Maintaining sample inventories according to accreditation body regulations requires significant staff or physician effort.Regardless of cause, expired samples are not useful to patients and are a waste of resources.We hypothesize that there are 2 main reasons sample closets contain substantial numbers of expired medications.First, the presence of expired medications may be because of the absence of a reliable inventory system in most practices.The clinics were diverse; we inventoried the closets of 7 family medicine offices and 3 general internal medicine offices; of the 10, 6 were group practices, 4 were solo practices, and 5 were hospital-affiliated and 5 were private practices. We obtained informed consent from each office, and the University of Arizona institutional review board exempted our study from review.We recorded the drug name, quantity, dosage, and expiration date of all sample medications in each closet.In order to be eligible for the extended approval period, the research must present no more than minimal risk to human subjects as determined by the convened IRB or through an expedited review mechanism, and must not include any of the following: Expiration dates are maintained as the date assigned upon initial or continuing review (not at the time of a modification).If during the course of the three year approval period, changes occur that affect the eligibility of the study to continue with an extended approval, the study will immediately become subject to annual review.The IRB reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy, and inclusion/exclusion of any research project under this procedure will be at the IRB’s discretion.During the extended approval period, principal investigators retain responsibility for all regulatory requirements including submission of modifications, reportable events, suspension and/or terminations.

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