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Stoner dating canada

"Just the other day I connected with a dude and talked back and forth for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship." Do you need to connect with a dude and talk about weed? But if any Americans have found finding love difficult because of your soft drug addiction, maybe this is the app for you. Check out more stories on weed below: News anchor quits live on air to promote weed legalisation Finally, we can vape weed...Free beer and money hidden around a city is all well and good, and something tons of cities have been doing, but Toronto trumps them all with the Marijuana Treasure Hunt.No random Joe can walk in and get a marijuana prescription, but those who truly need it will, and more access to weed is a very good thing.

According to more than 30,000 members, 3 out of 5 singles would date someone who smokes marijuana.

Data indicated those who identified as Agnostic / Non-religious were the most-accepting of lighting up, while Orthodox Christian were the least.

An annual event held by MIB_Toronto, the MTH is the largest free cannabis event in all of Canada, so take that Vancouver.

Aside from the yearly event, MIB also hold mini-scavenger hunts throughout the year, and they're also responsible for the marijuana trampoline dodgeball league. Every single year, Toronto plays host to the Global Marijuana March, a peaceful demonstration that regularly totals over 20,000 attendees.

Global marijuana marches are held all around the world, and Toronto's is estimated as the largest, giving the city some serious international cred.

The march is truly something amazing, as marijuana advocates of all sorts join together in a non-violent protest, all of joined by their love for weed.

Any and everyone who lives or hangs out here smokes weed, and that isn' a stereotype, it's a fact. Then you'll have zero problem finding it in Toronto.

Check out Bellevue Square Park on a sunny day and you'll smell what we're talking about. And we're not talking about a dinky convenience store with a couple of pipes and papers, these shops are packing everything you could ever need.

Sixty percent of men would date a woman who smokes weed, whereas 55 percent of women would say “yes” to a pothead. Forty two percent of those 70 and older said they would date someone who likes to blaze, while over 50 percent of respondents under the age of 70 would be comfortable with it.

Dinner and a joint may have once been considered a faux-pas, but smoking weed on a first date may eventually become as casual as meeting for a glass of wine.

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    Date 420 friendly is a dating site for singles who smoke weed. Join for free and find 420 friendly stoner singles like you that smoke marijuana. Also, search our forums and events calendar and meet 420 friendly people and cannabis smokers like you.…