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I counted out six cashew nuts each day to make sure I wasn’t eating too much fat.

Your school might not have made you a bigot and you might not worry about talking about your period in public, but the single-sex school still creates issues that can continue until you are sat at a pub table in your 20s with boys on one side and girls on the other.

First off, it must be said that Caroline* loves her children just as much as you or I do.

The education might be good, and on paper it might be difficult to fault certain grammar or private schools in terms of quality of teaching, but there are far more important social issues that a same-sex education actively promotes.

I loved going to my all-girl school, but it wasn’t until I left that I realised how certain things that seemed totally normal at the time could have turned out to be quite damaging.

Boys and girls will get distracted by each other and it will definitely disrupt the students learning.

Why is there so much prestige associated with a single sex school?

Being pleased you don’t have to wear make-up to class because there aren’t boys there is not progressive, it’s the opposite.

Cerys Liddiard, now a student at Sheffield, said: “My girls’ school shared a field with the boys’ school and there was an invisible line down the middle which dinner ladies patrolled, and if you were seen socialising with the other sex you were told off and made to move.” Of course you can still really enjoy your time at a single sex school, but segregating people based on gender is old-fashioned and unnecessary.

And girls, whether boys are there or not, will send each other text messages during class and use their smartphones to shop for jeans. sex-segregated education is deeply misguided and often justified by weak, cherry-picked or misconstrued scientific claims rather than by valid scientific evidence . Similarly, girls who spend more time with other girls become more sex-typed.” So you see, the report confirms what we said about boys’ love of spitballs, untucked shirts and belting each other.

But now a new study has just appeared that questions the assumption that single-sex education is positive. And maybe texting is part of girls’ being more “sex-typed.” After all, they are typing on their phones, right? But the report also makes us wonder whether online learning is same-sex education or not. If you go into a room by yourself, turn on a computer, and start taking a course online, that has to be same-sex education, right?

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