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The following options will make a huge difference: Any of the above could conceivably be crossdressers.

Don't let all of them be happy, because if the main character is not allowed to fail, then your story/game may lose its emotional impact.You can create a love story in which a single sex scene is an important landmark for the characters.Or you can create a game filled with challenges and/or puzzles, and make it difficult to get to a sex scene.Maybe you can even go as far as to create a story in which the two people are more than just casual acquaintances at the beginning.If the game is a simulation, and the Official Couple continues their relationship, then your game could emphasize time management and making friends." Remember, it could get worse — if your story involves horror/dark themes, and if your main character is doing horrible things, then your audience may want to see themselves as anyone but that character.Note that Featureless Protagonist is exception to this.However, there is reason why Dating Sim use this character less and less.Mary Sue: if your main character is female, some fans may be quick to label her a Mary Sue, or as some sort of stand-in for Fangirls. Just show the audience that she has plausible strengths and real weaknesses.If you have decided to create an adult game, then you need to decide how sex will be incorporated into the story or the gameplay.You can include hardcore scenes at important moments.

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