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The indie pop artist released the official clip of her new breakup single “Hell No” in April, and it was the first music video completely filmed on Snapchat.But after seeing the Deaf West theater company’s cast perform on the Tony Awards last month, she was inspired to recreate the music video for a wider range of viewers.

If you’re dating or pursuing a Libra, be prepared to have a bit of competition for their affection in the beginning – and arguably for the duration of your relationship.

Make sure to keep your relationship inside and outside of the bedroom interesting.

Air signs have to constantly be both mentally and physically stimulated and the more activities you share with your mate, the closer of a bond you will form. Some astrological signs can work a job for 30-something years without feeling any type of connection to it other than a paycheck, comfort and familiarity.

Self-love is key in all signs when it comes to love, but there’s absolutely nothing like a Libra who loves him or herself. The ruling element for Libra is air, and like the wind, they like to be free and unrestricted; especially when it comes to their heart.

While this sign values balance, order and stability, they equally cherish spur of the moment adventures with their significant others.

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