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Usually I post (or re-post) the same crappy lovesick romantic ads on here over and over again, in an effort to find "the one" 79% of the responses I get are male named addresses posting as women who are using their "girlfriends addresses" or they are "at work, and want me to their home address where they will send me pictures of themselves, if I sign up for the website they are hosting the pictures on, to make sure I am real" 79.79% of the remaining are from desperate women, who would take any man that approached them, romantic or wife beater.

All I need is your niñas pitido Long beach neked size, and it might be a Cinderella story in the making.….…………..

Idealy you would have your own home, as I live in the barracks so me hosting is pretty much out of the question.

I just don't want pressure of having to rush into a relationship, but at the same time...

I'm only looking for xxx person to fulfill my needs.

So, if you have your own place, preferably no , and can get together often and at strange hours...

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