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It was worse when he took his pants off and I saw his flaccid, little penis just hanging there.

Once I’d escorted Bob to safety, we kissed a bit more, then Bob loosened his tie… I have no explanation for my reaction, but I have never been so repulsed by the sight of a man’s bare torso in my life. On the other hand it’s not like I’d never seen a 36 year old with his shirt off.

He was a little flabby, and certainly had the appearance of someone who worked at an office job, but I always thought that my ex boyfriend Michael was dead sexy and he was a seriously overweight, office worker.

A second date passed without incident, and then a third.

I should have probably found a way to work him into my blog at that point, but I had no idea what the fuck to say about Bob. Bob was a human resources manager for company that makes dialysis machines. Bob was 36 years old, took a 2 week vacation every year, and saved money towards his retirement.

He always took me to really cool restaurants – and I don’t mean the kind of places boring people think are cool (well regarded, safe, overpriced) – but genuinely awesome hole-in-the-walls, interesting ethnic food, with amazing beer lists – places I later showed off to my chef friends and got major cool points.

Sexy chat without restering

Bob and I had similar tastes in music and talked about going to a show together. He didn’t seem to mind if I took a couple of days to text him back.

Piz was seriously underweight, which women are generally less forgiving of and surely Mike’s loose skin (from loosing 150lbs) was more objectively off-putting than a few extra pounds.

Also, Whatever the reason, I was completely physically repulsed by him.

He didn’t want to get married, he didn’t want kids, and he didn’t want someone who was going to pester him everyday.

He wanted someone to have fun with who wasn’t going to be too demanding.

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