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“It’s a long ride back to Iowa,” University of Minnesota Police Chief Greg Hestness said at the time.

“There’s good stuff going on in Carroll, but this silly stuff gets so much press,” said Jacque Masching, a bartender at the Swizzle Stick lounge in the Carrollton Inn.

She has lived in Carroll her entire life and called her hometown “progressive” with zero crime, great schools and even a new wine bar. At Ossy’s, the strip club in town, manager Travis Osterlund said the news of the Metrodome sex romp had his customers talking last year.

“At our Halloween party, a few guys had on marker masks.” The bottom line for Osterlund? “If nothing else, stuff like that draws people to your town,” he said.

Some thought the story took away from the real narrative of Carroll – nice people working hard to build a solid community.

Feldman, 39, and Walsh, 27, ran from their newfound infamy.

In the year since, Walsh, on a year’s probation because of the Minneapolis incident, has all but disappeared from public record.

His last-known address put him in a garden-level apartment in West Des Moines.

Feldman – a mother of three – lost her job, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and settled back into life in Carroll, Iowa, while on her year of probation. “You hurt our community,” Feldman’s mother said of the coverage. I just don’t understand why you’d want to write about it.” Chatter about the Nov.

22 incident is on the upswing as the University of Iowa prepares to host Minnesota in Iowa City on Saturday.

Over a recent weekend, the Pioneer Press tried to catch up with the bathroom couple to resolve unanswered questions: Are Feldman and her husband still together? How has Carroll dealt with the exposure in the year since the game? During an earlier visit, Feldman’s mother looked at a reporter and photographer in disbelief before telling them it would be better if the media left her daughter alone.

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