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The Altiplano-Puna Plateau is an area of high topography and low relief stretching from Bolivia through Argentina.

This prominent geologic feature of the central Andes is comparable to the Tibetan Plateau of Southeast Asia and represents an ideal natural laboratory to explore the development of orogenic plateaus such as these (Barnes and Ehlers, 2009, Rahl et al., unpublished).

Orogenic plateau formation and mountain building in the Andes created high topography and relief in the region, leading to an environment conducive to physical erosion.

Using zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronology to capture the thermal history of a vertical column of rock, my research seeks to relate the results to erosional history of the upper crust in the Eastern Cordillera, a link which reflects tectonic activity.

Alternatively, uplift in an orogenic plateau may begin with lateral or wedge growth along an upper-crustal detachment and mountain chain topography formed through thrust faults of consistent vergence (Siks and Horton, 2011).

The wedge continues to grow, moving the front margin of the plateau across the foreland basin in the form of a thin-skinned fold and thrust belt mountain range, the Eastern Cordillera.

Rates of erosion this high should drive the plateau margin westward and increase exhumation in the Eastern Cordillera.

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The nature of these interactions determines the topography of the region and the eastward growth of the frontal range into the foreland basin.

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Quantifying erosion rates in the Eastern Cordillera will shed light on the question of plateau growth in the Altiplano-Puna, particularly given that exhumation is occurring almost entirely due to erosion (Rahl et al., unpublished).

Continued plateau growth to the east despite high modern erosion rates suggests that the relationship between the two physical processes is complex.

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