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The Nazis rise to power in Germany and Austria and Zina commits suicide. Made by Looseyard Productions, Director: Ken Mc Mullen. Starring: Anjelica Huston ( Miss Eva Ernst / Grand High Witch), Mai Zetterling (Helga Eveshim), Jasen Fisher (Luke Eveshim), Jane Horrocks (Miss Irvine), Rowan Atkinson (Mr Stringer), Bill Paterson (Mr Jenkins) and Brenda Blethyn (Mrs Jenkins) Filmed at The Headland Hotel, Newquay (Rooms 223, 227 and 205 were used for some of the bedroom scenes) and Bergen, Norway Buy this film, 'The Witches' on VHS video Buy this film, 'The Witches' on DVD 1989 When the Whales came A pair of children befriend an accentric old man, who lives isolated on the far shore of their island home.

Starring: Philip Madoc (Leon Trotsky), Micha Bergese (Molanov), Ian Mc Kellen (Kronfeld), Paul Geoffrey (Lyova) and Domiziana Giordano (Zina Trotsky) Filmed at Church Cove, Gunwalloe (and in Berlin)Buy this film, 'Zina', on DVD 1988 The Witches A young boy stumbles onto a witch convention and must stop them, even after he has been turned into a mouse. Made by The Jim Henson Company, Jim Henson Productions and Lorimar Film Entertainment. But it turns out that the old man knows a terrible secret about the island and the narwhales who sometimes come. Certificate: PG Director: Clive Rees Starring: Helen Mirren, Paul Scofield and David Threlfall Filmed on Bryher, Samson and St Martins in the Isles of Scilly 1991 Revenge of Billy the Kid The horny farmer Mc Donald has his wicked way with a goat. Starring: Michael Balfour (Gyles Mac Donald), Samantha Perkins (Ronnie Mac Donald), Jackie D.

Written by Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey in Dad's Army), J. A gossipy housewife is overheard talking about what her son is doing by a Nazi spy. Buy this film 'Next of Kin' on VHS video The Foreman Went to France Based on the true story of Melbourne Johns, an aircraft factory foreman sent to France to prevent the Nazis getting hold of some vital equipment. Buy this film 'The Foreman Went to France' (with 'Fiddlers Three') on DVD 1944 Love Story Also known as A Lady Surrenders When concert pianist Lissa Campbell learns that she has a serious heart problem. Made by Sydney Box Productions and Gainsborough Pictures. Starring: Glynis Johns, Griffith Jones and Googie Withers Partly filmed around Looe and Polperro and at Carlyon Bay Beach, St Austell Scott of the Antarctic Made by Ealing Studios. Starring: John Mills, Diana Churchill, Harold Warrender, Derek Bond, Kenneth More and Reginald Beckwith. Buy this film 'Scott of the Antarctic' on DVD Buy this film 'Scott of the Antarctic' on VHS video Count on Me The story of a blind farmer and his Alsatian guide-dog. Made by Barbican Films and The Mirisch Corporation. A science fiction film made by Bruton Film Productions. Starring: Vincent Price, David Tomlinson and Tab Hunter Filmed around the Cornish coast.

Starring: Richard Morant, Catherine Schell and Paul Williamson. Never Say Never Again A SPECTRE agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before they are detonated. Buy this film, 'Never Say Never Again', on DVD 1984 Top Secret Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany. Made by Kingsmere Properties and Paramount Pictures. Starring: Jane Seymour (Mary Yellan), Patrick Mc Goohan (Joss Merlyn) and Trevor Eve (Jeremiah 'Jem' Merlyn ).Made in St Ives and Mevagissey The Manxman A fisherman and a rising young lawyer, who grew up as brothers, fall in love with the same girl. Although a film about the Isle of Man, all but two scenes were filmed in Cornwall at Polperro and in parts of North Cornwall 'The Manxman' on DVD 1935 The Mystery of the Marie Celeste During a horrific storm at sea, the crew realizes that there is a murderer among them who is killing them off one by one. His tall tales catch him out when he is co-erced into commanding an unseaworthy ship by an unscrupulous shipping agent who means to have it wrecked. A film to promote the 75th anniversary of the Post Office Savings Bank. Starring: Bill Blewitt and the villagers of Mousehole. Starring: John Justin, Conrad Veidt, Sabu and June Duprez. Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Robert Newton and Charles Laughton External scenes filmed at Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Bodmin Moor and other parts of Cornwall. Starring: Ray Milland, Patricia Roc and Marius Goring Some parts filmed in Cornwall - no precise details known yet. Starring: Robert Taylor (as Lancelot), Ava Gardner (as Guinevere), Mel Ferrer (as Arthur), Felix Aylmer (as Merlin), Anne Crawford (as Morgan Le Fay) and Stanley Baker (as Modred) Part filmed at Tintagel (and on Dartmoor, Devon)Buy this film, 'Knights of the Round Table', on DVD Never Let Me Go Philip Sutherland is an American news writer stationed in Moscow since the war; while there he falls for a Russian ballet dancer, Marya Lamarkins, who, he finds out, learned English because she fell in love with him. Filmed at Mullion (as the Russian harbour), Mevagissey and Newquay Buy this film, 'Never Let Me Go', on DVD The Master of Ballantrae Two noble Scottish brothers deliberately take opposite sides when Bonnie Prince Charlie returns to claim the throne of Scotland in order to preserve the family fortune. Buy this film, 'Behemoth the Sea Monster', on DVD 1961 Naked as Nature Intended Also known as As Nature Intended Three girls on a tour of the English countryside meet up with two young women who introduce them to the joys of life in a nudist camp. Starring: Mandy Harper, Annette Robertson and Iain Gregory. Buy this film, 'Night of the Eagle', on DVD 1963 Crooks in Cloisters After a successful train robbery a gang led by Little Walter get cold feet and need to get out of London quick.Filmed at Gunwalloe, Kynance Cove (Lizard) and Sennen Cove (Land's End)Buy this film 'The Thief of Bagdad' on DVD Jamaica Inn The Daphne Du Maurier classic about Cornwall, around 1800, where a young woman discovers that she's living near a gang of criminals who arrange shipwrecks for profit. Buy this film 'Jamaica Inn' on DVD 1940 Rebecca The Daphne Du Maurier classic about a self-conscious bride who is tormented by the memory of her husband's dead first wife. Director: Alfred Hitchcock Starring: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson, Gladys Cooper, Nigel Bruce, Reginald Denny, C Aubrey Smith and Melville Cooper Filmed on the Gribben Peninsula (east end of St Austell Bay), at Menabilly House, Fowey and at Charlestown. Starring: Robert Newton, Bobby Driscoll, Basil Sydney, Walter Fitzgerald and Denis O'Dea Filmed on the River Fal and Helford River Buy this film, 'Treasure Island', on DVD 1950 Guilt Is My Shadow Made by Associated British Picture Corporation. Starring: Elizabeth Sellars, Patrick Holt and Peter Reynolds. 1951 Circle of Danger (also known as White Heather) Clay Douglas an American, comes to England, to find out the truth behind his brothers death during a commando operation in occupied France. 1953 Knights of the Round Table King Arthur's rule is threatened by the adulterous love between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, a relationship the king's enemies hope to exploit. Little Water his moll Bikini and the rest of the gang escape to a Cornish island where they plan to hid out in a monestary disguised as Monks.With the police on their tail and the money running out however, Lamb is forced to make some terrible decisions. Part filmed at Camelot Castle Hotel, Tintagel (as St Kiaran's Reform School).Many of the young extras were pupils of Bodmin Comprehensive School.Some of the Cornish harbours, such as Mevagissey and Charlestown, have required very little adaptation to return them to an 18th century appearance. A panoramic view, showing wrecking tugs trying to haul the steamship 'Paris' off the Manacle Rocks on which she had been wrecked the day before. 1904 Scenes in the Cornish Riviera Black & white, silent film.Sponsored by the Great Western Railway as a promotional film for holidays in Cornwall.Cornwall has been a prime location for filming since 1899.Cornwall's rugged rural characteristics, with minimal modernisation, have been ideal for historical films. Paris'Short silent black and white documentary film.Buy this film, 'Lamb', on DVD 1986 Zina Zina, the daughter of Leon Trotsky by his first wife, is undergoing freudian analysis in Berlin in the 'thirties.Meanwhile Trotsky is in exile in Prinkipo having been driven from power by Stalin.

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