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In 1928, Helen and Perry had been separated for two years, and Helen was now a live-in maid at 2017 Grand Ave., for Mrs. Helen had been living/working there for three months.

Helen was described by her father as having a “high-strung and nervous disposition.” He also said she was “easily led to anger” and this was not her first suicide attempt.

On June 18, 1968, a 55-year-old woman named Sally Battles died in St. Born Virginia Louise Concepta Noonan in 1912, she was one of 11 kids born to a district judge in New Jersey.

After his death in 1984, he was buried next to Sally. In 1876, this unit would attack the Sioux in retaliation for the Battle of Little Big Horn.Mc Kee had left the house but police arrested her later in nearby Kankakee. If we like a guy but wait "too long" she's a teaser, slut, can't think on her own (if you follow some 3 date rule).It was first reported that the suicide was caused by a “lover’s quarrel” with Earl, but during the inquest, he denied this.Her ex-husband, Perry, stated that he did not see Helen very often, but did earlier that Sunday evening when he brought their five-year-old son, William, by to visit. 23 years apart in age, they had married in 1904, seven months before Helen’s birth.She kept going through the 30’s in cheaply-made “Poverty Row” films. She moved to the stage, and also toured with the USO. Not many know that the woman had been directed by legends such as John Ford and D. Griffith and appeared onscreen with Joan Crawford, Lon Chaney, Jr., and members of the 1927 New York Yankees.Her 1931 film, “The Brat,” was a starring role and listed as a highlight for her at the time of her death. She died of pneumonia after a week in the hospital, leaving behind her husband, stepson, stepdaughters, brothers and sisters.Can you get to love someone that you slept with on the first date?Or does that automatically turn you off and puts her in the "easy" category?William lived with Helen’s parents on North Street. Harry died in 1934, at age 90, and buried in Knoxville Cemetery. Fifty years ago today, on July 14, 1966, Richard Speck murdered eight student nurses in Chicago.Perry described Helen as “nervous and easily aroused.” Helen would be buried in Knoxville Cemetery, leaving behind her son, her parents, a half-brother and a half-sister, as well as her mother’s parents, Mr. Her mother and son are not found in the records, and it is unknown what became of they. This crime has been well chronicled and written about over the years, but another murder committed by Speck does not get remembered as well.

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