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A meetup group for poly and poly friendly folks in and around Central South Carolina. Polyamory: Having multiple honest, loving, intimate relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

For more about polyamory please see our Poly Resources (https:// page Central South Carolina Poly is a place to network and learn about Local and regional meetings and to discuss the Poly lifestyle with people from around your area.

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The investigation resulted in a number of Bloods gang leaders being sentenced to federal prison including Titus Will Bowman, a/k/a “T.

When Hall breached the front door armed with a pistol, he was shot in the stomach by a resident of the house.

Despite being shot in May of 2011, evidence at trial demonstrated that Hall continued to associate with the Bloods and in June of 2012, he was the beneficiary of a drug robbery committed by Wright and other Bloods gang members in Greenville, South Carolina.

I”; Torrean Antwan Sims, a/k/a Slim; and David Andrea Jenkins, a/k/a “Arma G.” Bowman, a high level leader and shooter, was sentenced to 220 months incarceration by Judge Anderson on December 16, 2013.

Other notable sentences include Andre Cummings (108 months incarceration), Craig Xavier Alston (177 months incarceration), Nicholas Wright (180 months incarceration); Stewart Stroman (96 months incarceration); Nathaniel Farmer (151 months incarceration); Jarius Jones (108 months incarceration); Antwain Brisbon (200 months incarceration); Odel “Teazy” Martin (240 months incarceration); Joshua “Metro” Kitt (168 months incarceration); Hassaan R. Attorney Bill Nettles said, "Organized violent criminals who exploit our communities to fund their criminal enterprises are a focus of our Violent Crime and Narcotics Division.

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