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We at least live at a time where we can actually ask for the fish fries if we think we deserve it.

This is a call of duty for us and our questions are our seeds of change.It is priceless when I go to functions and receive the kind of I love I receive.I kind of know the privileged platform that I have.So the male or female ratio on any random set is and we all know that the Kerala state has the healthiest sex ratio in the country today.The Vishakha guidelines, which has been laid out by the Supreme Court of India, is not followed in such a big movie industry in spite of paying about 40% entertainment tax to the government.I think it is not possible to stand in the middle of that kind of privilege and not stand up and do what you can do for a world that is inspiring us to do out art.It is not possible to turn a blind eye to unabashed sexism, ageism and casteism that exists in our society and is reflected in our cinema content, and in the very fiber of our industry.And take a true blue film lover, I want to borrow Sivaji Ganesan’s dialogue from to put things in perspective.We sow the seeds today and they will reap the fruits tomorrow and then it will be their daughters, and their daughters.When you are working in their movie, to this day they ensure that true art is made in every possible way.This profession gives you so much of love and support from everybody around you.

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