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I went to market and returned in half an hour, straightly I went to her house to give it to her.

She called me and reminds me that I should have my lunch with her on next Sunday, for which I re-assured her.Finally I assured that I will have lunch with her by next Sunday (today).Then she is really happy to hear it from me and then she accepted my parcel.Still now I have only one real experience which iam sharing with you guys. My house owner stays at ground floor and we are at first floor. She must be in her early 40's (40-45) she has huge boobs 38d, which I like very much. Sometimes she will come there to wash cloths or for some other reasons. One day she enquired about me and my family very casually, I also responded her.She is very friendly only with me; she won’t speak with my other roommates. From then onwards she used to speak with me very freely. Very rarely does she ask me some help like going to shop or getting something while am returning from my office.She saw that i was staring at her boobs, but didn’t say anything or tried to cover her boobs. I was really surprised by her open question and remind silent.She inquired about my family, my job and finally about my love affairs. Then she came near me and said that i know what kind of girl’s you will like.I followed her like a baby holding her pallu in my hands. First I removed her saree and squeezed her boobs with her blouse on She was moaning and told me to remove her blouse and have her nipple in my mouth.I was waiting for her to say this, then immediately I removed her blouse and suckled her nipple she moaned much harder now and pushed my head hard against her boobs, while sucking one nipple I was repeated squeezing her other boob and her cunt.Then she took my hands and placed it on her boobs and told me to you can do anything with this My hands shivered in pleasure her boobs are so soft and her nipples are poking out from her blouse.Then my lust driven me I squeezed her boobs much harder and kissed her in on her eyes, she told me that she can’t able to stand anymore and guided me to her bedroom.

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