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Seperated people dating

Separated and ready to enter the dating game again?

good luck You were married for 19 years and have only been seperated 6 months?

In my opinion you should not even be thinking of any type of relationship besides friendship.

I know that in some cases separated people do get back my case there is no doubt about a divorce happening, and I do not hide that fact when I talk with people.

My question to all is this: Why do people see separated men and women as people who they would not talk with or date, and never try to build a relationship with?

Okay..both know a profile will never tell the whole story, but I'm fit and healthy, none smoker, take pride in my self, easy going, honest, loyal and trustworthy, friendly and happy go lucky, positive, loving and caring and understanding, adventurous, easy to talk to, have a good sense of humour, like walking and cycling-(when I have a bike), motorcycles- (have to get another one), and motorsports, fishing, archery, camping, exercising, love nature and wild life, like to socialise once in a while, like movies and hugs and cuddling up together on the lounge, I don't kick puppies, and when the going gets hard, I'm stubborn and will dig deep to get through it, I don't give up easily, so if that sounds a bit like you, then we'll probably get along, say hi and find out. G,day , I have been single for about 18 months now , time to find a companion , best friend and partner/lover , Would like someone in my area if possible , Like to travel , explore different places together .

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I have been separated and living totally apart from my wife of 19 years for 6 months now, and we have began the divorce process....While you may be able to see it this way someone who has just met you and may have been thru what I have been though would probably not be so quick to believe it.Please feel free to say what you feel about this, I welcome your opinion. You are not looking for someone to have a relationship at this time in your life, even though you think you are.I've been seperated 10yrs Just legal crap Biz stuff. Pension crap It's nice how it is No chance of getting back together. Don't bother him He knows there is no marriage again for me!EVA I personally would never date anyone that is not completely, legally divorced. If you feel like giving it a try, drop me an email and lets meet for a coffee, relaxed drink or even dinner. Obviously there are no single women in Tassie that want to meet ! I tend to be quite busy with my challenging businesses and am looking for some exciting and interesting company outside of work. Love to travel and intend making it my life's work, have a wicked sense of humour and am outrageous good fun.You need some time to get yourself together........You were married for 19 years and have only been seperated 6 months?You don't need a romantic partner now but a friend. You need some time to get yourself together........umm well in the eyes of the law they are still married and they could always patch things up just because you dont see it happening at this point in time doesn't mean something down the road might happen thats unforeseen. Seperation even with iminent divorce is a time when someone is looking for the quick fix. The time is better spent healing, reflecting, finding your way, making new friends. There are some relationships that work well that originate during a divorce but they are few and far between.

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