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) Anyway seriously I got a fun "confession" of sorts, a little (true) fucked up story about how an ex-gf of mine lost her virginity/sort of.

*disclaimer: I'm not into incest, some are, I'm not, so don't give me a bunch of shit if u don't like this tale, this is how some shit went down irl* This girl comes from a weird ass family, I knew they were fucked up because there was like 20 people living in this house and they acted like it was normal (and they weren't Mexican, before u ask) Well before I met her she was crammed into this little house with like 20 other family members, brothers, cousins, uncles, her Dad and Mom and her... They used to always get into her shit about dressing slutty and wearing make up and short skirts, she dyed her hair black and was like a hot goth/Juggalette.

Hope u enjoyed this tale, sorry I have no pics and how she looks now: You wouldn't want them.

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