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Promoting a message, Biodiversity is life, Biodiversity is our life, the year is being celebrated through numerous global events, actions and initiatives.

Each offset dollar can deliver social and economic benefits to developing communities, support new clean energy technologies, and give a business a reportable reduction in their footprint”, says Climate Friendly CEO, Freddy Sharpe.

Thousands of tonnes of CO2 have already been offset through Flight Portal with pioneer clients supporting projects spanning wind, geothermal, sustainable biomass and micro hydro across Europe, Asia and the Pacific region.

students collected 70 bags of litter from the area weighing more than 800 kg containing mostly plastic.

Ghulam Qadir, Manager, IUCN Pakistan Juniper Conservation Project, Ziarat stressed that our individual roles can make a difference in maintaining our biodiversity, resources and sustainable environment.

33 percent of all bank branches are in rural areas, where 67 percent of the nation’s population resides, Syed Mohsin Ahmed, CEO, Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN), shared at a roundtable discussion on the Rural Finance Market in Pakistan.

PMN organized the conference to discuss the challenges and potential of the sector with key stakeholders. a official supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and a social network for Single Seventh-day Adventists to fellowship and perhaps find life partners.We are the only Adventist singles ministry that is also an Adventist-Layman's Services and Industries member.We would very much appreciate your prayers and any help in spreading the word to our Adventist single church members on this project? A link from your website to would also be very much appreciated.This would also help lead the Adventist singles church membership who do use online singles services to a genuine Adventist Singles ministry website run by real Seventh-day Adventist Church members. We would also be very grateful for donations to keep this operation running.From feelers we put out to select Adventist single members, we had a tremendous positive reaction and when we launched we were overwhelmed with applications from Adventist single members.If this Adventist singles ministry helps our Adventist single members to find life partners and from being unequally yoked as well as saving them money on many bogus singles websites then it has fulfilled its purpose.Climate Friendly has launched its new Flight Portal™, an innovation that makes it simple to measure and offset business flight emissions through supporting new clean energy projects.“Carbon offsetting can represent a smart corporate social responsibility (CSR) investment.IUCN Pakistan’s Ziarat Office celebrated International Biodiversity Day in collaboration with local schools on 22 May.More than 160 students and teachers participated in a ‘Biodiversity Day Walk’Latera ‘Cleaning the Environment Competition’ was also held at ‘Prospects Point’ a local tourist spot.

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