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(I also inadvertently Well, that last paragraph is the bitesize reason I give when people ask – but over the years I’ve received a lot of emails from readers asking how I find volunteer projects, where they should volunteer and how they can find the perfect project. If you want to volunteer abroad, you’re probably interested in experiencing a different kind of travel – but just like any trip, there are some parameters you need to set up for yourself first: the wheres, the whats and the whys to help you determine exactly how you’d like your volunteering project to go.

So I thought I should break the whole idea of volunteering down into a bit more detail: the process I go through when I want to volunteer, from the initial search for projects to arriving in-country and settling down to work. Ok, so you know you want to volunteer in South America.

That way you’re really providing something useful to a community that may not otherwise have access to that type of expertise and talent.

After all: volunteering can be about challenging yourself, but it can also be when you play to your strengths. Use your hands by building bikes from scratch in a favela?

I know from experience that working with a volunteering project gives a focused sense of purpose and direction to your travels; provides you with the chance to meet new and interesting people; and offers a wealth of experiences that you probably wouldn’t find on the backpacker trail – not to mention providing a pretty amazing learning opportunity.

That’s the major reason why I travel, after all: to learn about other cultures and to have my opinions challenged and altered.

South America is exciting, thrilling and challenging and makes for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience, book now by simply clicking the buttons below.

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Once you’re in-country it’s even easier to find places to volunteer – plus you’re more aware of the timeframe you’re working with, and can check out the place before committing. I’ve planned projects a year in advance, complete with Skype interviews and going to training sessions – and I’ve picked up a flier in a local cafe, visited the provided address and started volunteering that afternoon.

While rinsing the free airport wifi somewhere in Brazil I ended up finding the newspaper job I spent three months at in Medellin. Ask questions: Do you have to provide a TEFL or CELTA certificate for a teaching project?

In terms of research, the internet is your best friend.

While there are countless companies offering volunteer placements, tons of people also write about their personal experiences while volunteering – so get Googling like crazy, trawl social media, ask your friends and find recommendations from travel bloggers.

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