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More than just a well-made smartphone, the S6 is a joy to use.It captures that unique kind of gadget pleasure — when you feel your device is rewarding you whenever you use it. The company has had a tough year in mobile; its last flagship, the Galaxy S5, was a disappointment, and Apple seized the advantage with its blockbuster dual release of the i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus. It's not because it has great features or a beautiful design (although it definitely has those), but because Samsung finally gets it: Features don't matter as much as the complete package.

Im Western zeigt sich der amerikanische Pioniergeist.

Cowboys, Revolvermänner und Kopfgeldjäger reiten der nächsten staubigen Stadt entgegen.

Im Online-Shop von Saturn finden Sie die aktuellen Hits, die noch vor kurzem in den Kinos liefen, und die besten Actionfilme aller Zeiten.

Wählen Sie in Ruhe am Bildschirm aus und bestellen Sie Ihre Action-DVD oder Blu-Ray ganz bequem online.

But even before then Samsung's fortunes in mobile were on the decline, weighed down by uninspiring designs and features nobody wanted (smart scroll, anyone? It's not about what you put into a device, but what you leave out. Last year's Galaxy S5 was built to withstand a drop in a pool or toilet — a useful feature, no doubt, but something that would end up mattering to only a few unlucky owners.

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However, waterproofing meant that all owners had to suffer opening and closing the plastic tab over the micro USB port every single time they wanted to charge the damn thing.

Tim Klein Community Manager „Mit meiner Männerrunde gucke ich gern Filme an, in denen die Action nicht zu kurz kommt. Das gehört für mich zu einem guten Film-Abend dazu.

Dafür muss man nicht groß ins Kino: Popcorn und Cola bereitstellen, Action-Film einlegen und zurücklehnen.“ Wenn Motoren dröhnen, Piraten die Säbel und Cowboys die Revolver ziehen, wenn Superhelden und Götter aufeinanderprallen oder ein Spion im Dienste Großbritanniens die Welt retten muss – dann fiebert der Zuschauer auf der Couch zuhause mit.

And this time Samsung has its own double-barreled release: The Galaxy S6 is debuting alongside the Galaxy S6 Edge, a variant design with a display that curves on both sides. carriers; pricing varies by carrier, model and capacity.

We have a whole separate review for the Edge, but apart from its design and a few curvy-side tricks, it's functionally identical to the Galaxy S6. Samsung really outdid itself with the Galaxy S6's design.

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