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The girl’s profile listed her as 19 or 24, said Severt’s attorney, Stephen Turer .Severt and the girl communicated by text message over two days, during which the girl changed her age to 17 and then 15.Fun Mobility, the makers of Fun Mail, a picture-messaging app that organically pairs your texts with appropriate (and fun) images, Fun Tones, a large collection of funny ringtones, and Fun Me, a suite of tools for consumers to create, share, and post their own user-generated content, is clearly striving for a particular brand message. Today, Fun Mobility introduces a new app to its menagerie of fun, called Fun Chat, which blends chat, multiplayer HTML5 games, virtual currency, rewards and achievements into a realtime user experience for the i Phone, i Pod Touch, and Android.

Originating on the Internet, it pretends at first to be a game, a test, a still image, a video that is not meant to be scary, etc.

(more often than not, you will be instructed to look very closely at the image or turn your volume up).

Then a scary image (usually a Nightmare Face) pops up with either a scream or a Scare Chord, which is when you realize — after you've pried yourself off the ceiling, of course — that you've been pranked.

All screamers are supposed to startle the viewer, though some go Up to 11 with the Nightmare Fuel and others are so comical or ineptly done that they end up being Nightmare Retardant.

The girl testified at the weeklong trial that she was trying to “prank” an adult into thinking she was a woman.

But Turer said jurors didn’t take that into consideration.In one message, after the girl said she was 15, Severt told her to erase their conversation from her phone so her mother wouldn’t see it.“Why would you care about that if you’re talking to an adult?She continued to text Severt, pretending to be her daughter and telling him she was really 13. Posing as the girl, a police detective texted Severt to meet at a 7-Eleven in Novato. The jury convicted Severt of attempted lewd acts on a child, contacting a child for lewd acts, meeting a child for lewd acts, annoying a child and distributing lewd material of a minor for a photo Severt convinced the girl to send.Musical guest San Fermin joins improvisers Matt Newell, Drew Spears, and Mike Mc Lendon for this week’s improv4humans!These are known for utilizing Schmuck Bait to a shameless degree and one of the many reasons why one should be wary of clicking on certain links on the internet.Also see Shock Site (horrifying imagery without the Jump Scare) and Last Note Nightmare, the latter being when a song has a creepy ending.She doesn’t appear in next Tuesday’s finale, though she does know what happens.“It is so insane,” she teases.“Like, you know how each episode, I feel like, ramps up and ramps up and ramps up, and you're like, 'Well, it can't be crazier than..' It's crazier. For more from our chat with Grossman -- including how her co-star, Colton Haynes, liked to prank her week after week -- check out the video above. The finale is insane, but in the best way -- and I think it's gonna be really satisfying for everybody that's stayed with it.”American Horror Story: Cult wraps things up on Tuesday, Nov. A Screamer Prank (usually referred to as a "Screamer") is a type of Jump Scare that's combined with Surprise Creepy.

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