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Reverse painted chinese scent bottle dating

Realizing this, Emperor Kangxi commissioned the creation of beautifully hand-decorated medicine bottles with well-fitted lids during the Qing Dynasty.

An inside-painted glass snuff bottle Ma Shaoxuan, 1900-1920 An emerald-flecked jadeite 'basketweave' snuff bottle 1780-1860 A brown and green jade 'boy' double snuff bottle 1760-1860 An apple-green jadeite snuff bottle 1800-1900 A green tourmaline or beryl 'peach' snuff bottle 1760-1850 A fine and extremely rare carved honey agate snuff bottle 1800-1880 A crystal snuff bottle 1770-1860 An unusual carnelian snuff bottle 1860-1940 An incised and carved white jade snuff bottle 1770-1850 An unusual agate 'snail shell' snuff bottle 1780-1900 next page This auction is now finished.

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During China's first Olympic bid in 1993, Liu gave a live performance as the representative of Chinese folk artists in Monte Carlo.

Interview:Yang Zhigang,folk artist "My master has given me a lot of things that exert subtle influences on me, which I need to try to comprehend.

He has been practicing this art for 50 years, and is still making new creations.

He hopes I can carry this forward, which I am very willing to do.

Chinese snuff bottles, only a couple inches in height, are pieces of art that once held powdered tobacco as a remedy for headaches, stomachaches, and other ailments.

These small bottles can be made from glass, jade, ivory, ceramic, and metal, among other materials.

It has been 29 years to date." Yang's teacher is Liu Shouben, a master craftsman of Chinese contemporary art and representative of Beijing inner painting.

It was one of his snuff bottles that Queen Elizabeth II received during her visit to China in 1986.

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