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To address these questions, the lab is applying a multi-disciplinary approach, exploiting plant genetics, biochemical analyses and modelling approaches.

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What is the regulatory logic underpinning the floral transition? To understand the regulatory logic underpinning the floral transition we have adopted a modelling approach with the group of Richard Morris at the JIC. Small changes in temperature result in large changes in gene expression globally. Integration of spatial and temporal information during floral induction in Arabidopsis. Plant chemical biology: Florigen takes two to tango. The temperature transcriptome is tightly regulated by alternative nucleosomes containing H2A. Wigge PA, Kim MC, Jaeger KE, Busch W, Schmid M, Lohmann J, Weigel D. Sure, it’s not as fast as a downhill bike but that’s not the point – should you really be able to ride down a World Cup track on a hardtail this comfortably?Phil received a Master in Biochemistry from Oxford University (1996) where he worked in David Sherratt’s lab on mechanisms of site-specific recombination.Z-nucleosomes and HSF1 transcription factors in Arabidopsis. Cortijo S., Charoensawan V., Brestovitsky A., Buning R., Ravarani C., Rhodes D., van Noort J., Jaeger K. Phil studied FT, and mechanisms by which it activates flowering.Phil started his own group working on mechanisms of temperature perception at the John Innes Centre in 2005, where he was awarded tenure in 2010.How eukaryotes sense temperature is poorly understood. Plants are sessile organisms, and highly responsive to small differences in temperature, making them ideal systems to identify the signal transduction pathways involved in temperature sensing.

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