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Reasons for dating a softball player

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This scandal has sparked different opinions about coach/athlete relationships at the collegiate level and whether or not they should be deemed as inappropriate.

Most opinions have been against coach/athlete relationships, and the arguments against them have been very understandable.

So why a coach would put everything on the line for a relationship with an athlete seems outrageous, does it not?

Maybe it’s due to a reason not many think about: the coach and athlete in question really do care about each other.

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In these situations of athlete/coach relations, the coach has to understand what he or she is getting into.

There will be all sorts of pressure placed on the coach: his or her reputation will be under fire, respect for him or her will decrease, other athletes on the team will always think that their teammate is receiving special treatment, and feelings are almost guaranteed to get in the way of the ultimate goal: winning games and working together to become the best team they can be.

“By this time everyone is around 18-19 and older,” Tevin Mc Donald, SAU football player, said.

“So if we are old enough to go hours away from home, for some of us, I think that we are old enough to make up our own decisions about who we date and how to manage our relationships like an adult.” Too often, we reason with our emotions instead of logic, which can be said for both the pros and cons of coaches and their athletes dating.

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