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Rails updateattributes not updating

There are two ways to generate a Ruby model: one is using Rho Studio and the other is with the command-line generator.

Under the hood, Rho Studio invokes the command-line tool, so both approaches are equivalent.

You can combine any set of object/model operations like insert/update/delete under a transaction.

rails updateattributes not updating-89

To generate a model, right-click on the application project in the Project Explorer and select New –.Once your application can store data about a particular model, enabling two-way synchronization with a Rho Connect server is a one-step process: there is only one line to change, in your model file ( As long as your Rho Connect server is properly configured, this is all that is required to benefit from automatic, two-way synchronization.See the Rho Connect Tutorial for in-depth information about the benefits Rho Connect provides, as well as Using the local database to find out how to tune data synchronization according to the needs of your application.Property Bag stores everything in a single table and is more flexible: it determines the list of attributes dynamically at run time, the model does not need to declare them.The generator outputs Property Bag models by default; that is why there is no mention of the attributes in the generated model file, Property Bag does not require them.In this sense, fixed schema models are similar to traditional relational tables.Rhom provides an application hook to migrate the data manually.Rhodes provides two model storage schemes, called Property Bag and Fixed Schema.Fixed Schema stores data for each model in its own database table, with one column per attribute, and requires the model to explicitly list the attributes it supports.You can also use this hook to run business logic related to updating the database.For example, your application may want to display a customized alert notifying the user that a migration is in progress and it may take a few moments.

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