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Radgrid not updating after delete

The examples might have allowed for drilling down into data or sorting or paging data, but regardless the end user was only able to view data.

Checking or leaving this checkbox unchecked simply sets the Sql Data Source's Conflict Detection property to Compare All Values or Overwrite Changes, respectively.

As we'll see in the next section, the Object Data Source also has a Conflict Detection property that is used to specify whether or not optimistic concurrency should be used.

Furthermore, the Grid View's Data Key Names property must be set to the primary key field(s).

(If there is more than one primary key field, separate each by a comma.) As the first checkbox's title implies, checking it will generate not only a DELETE statement, but INSERT and UPDATE statements, as well.

If this box is checked when the user updates or deletes a record through the Grid View a check is made to ensure that the data for the altered row hasn't been changed since they loaded the Grid View.

If the record has changed the update or delete will fail because a row won't be matched; it is up to you, the page developer, to decide what course of action to take in this case.Since I don't believe that ASPX pages are an appropriate place to be sprinkling SQL around, I put together this brief example of how to use a Form Template for editing, but keep the data-tweaking in code-behind where it belongs. In the Rad Grid tag, declare a handler for the On Update Command event. Declare an Edit Form Settings section and make sure you set its Edit Form Type to "Template" or you will get the baked in auto-form.Inside of the Form Template tag, put whatever you need in terms of a editing form.Note When configuring the Data Source to support deleting through a Grid View, be sure that the SELECT query returns the field(s) that makeup the underlying data's primary key, even if you don't plan on displaying these field(s) in the Grid View.As you can see below, the Select Command for the Sql Data Source that retrieves records from the Order Details table is bringing back Order ID and Product ID, the composite primary key fields.There are various techniques that can be used to edit and delete data, one of them being utilizing the Grid View's built-in deletion and editing capabilities.As with paging or sorting data, deleting data that comes directly from a database by means of a Sql Data Source is easy to accomplish, requiring only a few points and clicks of the mouse.Let's enhance this demo to include the capability to delete an order detail.In order to enable deletion from the Grid View we need to enhance the Sql Data Source to include a DELETE statement in addition to its SELECT statement.(i have a way to solve this) mnlib is a library of my authorship to deal with common tasks i know that queries with strings like is not a standart practice, and probably is not recomended, but i have to deal with it .Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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