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Rabbi wallerstein on dating

The historical conditions in which circumcision arose are obscure.The practice probably began around the 4th century B. as attested to by statues and paintings depicting circumcision among Sumerians, Ethiopians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, as well as by circumcised Egyptian mummies.

Bottom-line, New York and New Jersey aren’t standing on Torah, but rather on mere Halachos and Minhagim.

In Toronto, by contrast, there are at most 15-20k Jews living here, comprising the majority of Canada’s Jews, and I find that people here are more polite, though that may change in the next 10-20 years as more New York Jews like myself are moving up here and influencing the laid-back, friendly atmosphere to a more aggressive, pushy, high-traffic, in-your-face one.

Today this practice encompasses African circumcision and the circumcision of the monotheistic religions: Coptic Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Circumcision is practised by almost all groups in West Africa.

But then again, we cannot play Gd, so who’s to say why it happened?

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” Note: To his credit, Rabbi Wallerstein attempted to clarify what he said, amid a slew of hate mail.Whatever the circumstances, physicians may be asked to perform circumcision and should be aware of the significance of this procedure.Mutilations prescribed for oneself or others are of ancient origin and universal in scope: practically no body part has been spared their impact.“Dear Rabbi Wallerstein, As an avid listener to your Shiurim, I listened with both great interest and shock to your recent Shiur on Hurricane Sandy at Chazaq via Torah Anytime.In that lecture, you mentioned that “the perfect storm” occurred because New York passed the law on legalizing gay marriages.not frum enough), a million reasons why this child can’t get accepted into such-and-such elitist Yeshiva, why people can’t wish each other Gut Shabbos on the street, etc.These are basic elements that I think we’ve forgotten when worrying about everything else being mehadrin min ha-mehadrin, such as only having Chalav Yisrael, Glatt Kosher, and the biggest pair of Tefillin.Semantically, the word bears no direct relation to the prepuce.Sometimes [in French] the terms posthectomie or pritomie are used.It wasn’t that long ago when Yeshivas were a rarity and Rabbis accepted Talmidim with open arms rather than rejecting them like we see in our generation.Arguably, people without the black hat years ago had more of the “real” Torah than today, when the time of day was actually given to another person.

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