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Rabbi wallerstein on dating

Today this practice encompasses African circumcision and the circumcision of the monotheistic religions: Coptic Christianity, Islam and Judaism.Circumcision is practised by almost all groups in West Africa.

Here’s what I respectfully think: New York AND New Jersey were both hit because the world stands on Torah. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself, i.e. Having myself lived in New York for over 24 years and encountered many Lakewood families, I have a completely different opinion: Sinas Chinam (baseless hatred) is what did it.

People are very quick to find reasons why this person is a bad Shidduch prospect for that person (i.e.

You may be a Cohen and a man of Gd, at least that’s what you mentioned in the speech, but with all due respect, I don’t believe that gives you the right to play Gd!

I find that this falls under the 2nd commandment of not having other Gds before Him, where you claim to think that you know as much as Him!

You brilliantly tied in the fact that the two main movements each occurred prior to a major storm, first with Irene and then Sandy.

You also mentioned that the best sign is that, unlike the Mabul with Noach where the fish at least survived, the fish which symbolize Pru U’revu died (i.e.“Dear Rabbi Wallerstein, As an avid listener to your Shiurim, I listened with both great interest and shock to your recent Shiur on Hurricane Sandy at Chazaq via Torah Anytime.In that lecture, you mentioned that “the perfect storm” occurred because New York passed the law on legalizing gay marriages.Whatever the circumstances, physicians may be asked to perform circumcision and should be aware of the significance of this procedure.Mutilations prescribed for oneself or others are of ancient origin and universal in scope: practically no body part has been spared their impact.eels in the basement) died and made the city stink.This, you said, is a warning for us to not allow our species to die out by two men not being able to perform the Mitzvah of Pru U’Revu.The routine circumcision practised in the USA for controversial prophylactic reasons is an example of the secular type.Despite this conceptual distinction, we will see that both religious and secular circumcision are laden with complex meanings heavily impregnated with morality and social identity.In the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, it usually coexists with excision except in the matriarchal societies forming a band across southern Africa between Angola and Mozambique.These societies practise neither circumcision nor excision.

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