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The Play Station Eye (trademarked PLAYSTATION Eye) is a digital camera device, similar to a webcam, for the Play Station 3.

Some other users made videos of themselves parading around with guns, while others also exhibited instances of nudity.

It was only a matter of time before Play Station users exploited and defiled the live-streaming feature.

This allows players to interact with games using motion and color detection as well as sound through its built-in microphone array.

It is the successor to the Eye Toy for the Play Station 2, which was released in 2003.

The controller was released in the EU, UK and USA in September 2010, with an Asian release date listed as October 21, 2010.

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The following are some Play Station 3 games with camera functionality, some of which may not be specifically developed for the Play Station Eye.He then lifted her shirt and exposed her breast for "about 15 minutes." After that he went one step further by briefly turning off the broadcast only to return with the unconscious woman completely stripped naked.The user was reportedly banned instantly but they weren't the only ones getting up to naughtiness." Gaider will speak about the "risks and challenges" associated with addressing (or not addressing) sexism and sexuality in games.Attendees will also hear Gaider speak about the benefits of inclusiveness during the discussion.Sony has confirmed that you won't need a PS Plus subscription to make use of the Play Station 4's party chat functionality.In a new Q&A video, it's been revealed that the new party chat feature will be available to everyone, even if they opt not to subscribe to Play Station Plus.One of the biggest concerns fans have raised about the Play Station 4 is just how many features will be accessible without owning a PS Plus account.Now that Sony's clarified this with regards to Netflix and party chat, do you feel it's a fair deal? One game, called "Playroom," records you in your living room playing with virtual creations -- and that's where the problem started.As reported by website Game Revolution, the couple sat on their sofa drinking until the woman passed out.

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    The PlayStation Eye. for close-up framing in chat applications, or a 75° field of. and audio clips directly to the hard drive of the PlayStation 3 console.…