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Ps3 nba2k8 not updating

As he turned to head up court he ran right into coach D'Antoni.

One nice touch is that the players and coaches on the sideline are truly part of the game.

At one point in a game, Nash stumbled out of bounds after firing a fade-away three.

Just remember that with more characters on the sidelines, and more AI resources going to them for reactive animations, you lose things that are more important.

More graphical resources there mean less on the field (Just look at how crappy the fields and stadiums looked in APF which had all of things the OP talked about).

This slows down Iso Motion somewhat, but leads to more realistic breakdown moves. Though Visual Concepts is known for offering smooth animations, there are some jarring moments in animation transitions this year.

It's not severe, but there are enough minor hitches to be noticeable through the course of a game.The goofy story from last year is gone--you just play ball. Up to four players can choose from current stars and legends, such as Clyde Drexler, Dr.J, or Dominique Wilkins, for a three-round dunk contest that takes place in the streets of Las Vegas.For the first time, Visual Concepts gave ratings for shooting in traffic and shooting while moving.This helps to individualize players a little more, forcing you to play shooters more honestly than in the past. Kobe can stop and pop, but is just as comfortable firing an off-balance shot that should have no hope of finding net (but often does).And for those who've had trouble learning some of the called plays in NBA 2K series, there is now a solution.You can turn on visual guides for set plays that show, in game, where and when to pass, and the proper positioning for each player. No, this isn't meant to be some slick new feature added to open up unique gameplay opportunities, but an unfortunate misfire from one of 2K's new features. In Visual Concepts' NBA 2K8, Shaquille O'Neal can be turned into a dominant defender on the perimeter.This isn't meant as something you use for the lifetime of your play in NBA 2K8, but more as a teaching tool so that after a few games you can turn off the visual aides and perform these plays on your own.Perhaps the best most important addition to 2K8 are two ratings that most gamers will never even notice.

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