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Indeed, I thought, spying plenty of podgy looking, sun- scorched lobsters with seemingly healthy retirement funds.The apparent madam in charge of the pubescent flock proudly looked on (mentally calculating the pesos), as her protégés gyrated enthusiastically on blow-up dolphins, providing plenty of bait by which to trap the salivating red lobsters.

(Manila has been ranked the third most promiscuous city in Asia after Bangkok and Tokyo).

On top of these factors, HIV/AIDS is not a “hot” topic any more amongst young people.

This increases the chances of high-risk behavior and decreases the ability to feel comfortable about accessing medical services.

In chatting with men who sex with men, many tell me that for most casual sexual encounters there is an expectation that “the other one (partner)” brings the condoms.

Written by Susann Roth, Senior Social Development Specialist Many of the Filipinos, I have gotten to know over the last 8 years, say that their love lives are strongly influenced by their passionate, emotional culture and Catholic up-bringing.

This combination makes open communication about HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health, difficult.Buying them publicly in convenience stores or smaller household ‘Sari Sari’ stores causes feelings of embarrassment and anxiety.The lack of communication about condoms, and the challenges to purchase them directly impact use.Clearly, it is not my intention to promote the sex industry, nor do I want to pretend it’s not there, as one doesn’t need to look twice to notice the seediness underlying the country’s vast beauty.Like it or not, the country’s sex industry most certainly rivals the one in Thailand and most countries around the world for that matter.In schools, sexual reproductive health is hardly discussed while exposure to information about sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) is extremely limited and is not a topic talked about at home.Sex tourists to the Philippines have described the country as “Thailand 30 years ago” with condoms seldom requested by sex partners and commercial sex workers treating clients more as “boyfriends for the night” than as customers.Studies show that less than 15% percent of men (hetero and homosexual study group) use condoms and this may reflect the romanticized view of sex and love which my Filipino friends have described.Amongst men having sex with men, relationships in the Filipino context also differ from those in western society, where partners tend to speak more openly about their HIV status and their interest in casual sex.To my fellow female travelers, I hereby declare the following: In case this type of emergency ever happens to you, you have to dial a sense of humor. “Do they have a school here, where they teach them tricks to capture the attention of the male species”, I asked Lisa.“Not hard to do”, she said, “Most of the men are ugly and old but have money”.

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