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(Manila has been ranked the third most promiscuous city in Asia after Bangkok and Tokyo).

It’s a risky business for anyone involved but it doesn’t stop anyone either. Strangely enough, their potential customers don’t always know that the deal is a technical exchange.

Scores of ‘Bargirls’ as young as 13, gyrate and jut their underdeveloped hips to the beat of mind numbingly boring pop music. That they’re in fact paying for a service, like having one’s car tuned I suppose.

Men, (and occasionally women too) congregate from all corners of the globe knowing very well that a girl (or boy) costs no more than $15 per night.

For that price, they can buy pretty much anything they want. And what’s more, contraception is virtually unheard of.

Written by Susann Roth, Senior Social Development Specialist Many of the Filipinos, I have gotten to know over the last 8 years, say that their love lives are strongly influenced by their passionate, emotional culture and Catholic up-bringing.

This combination makes open communication about HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health, difficult.On that day, nobody was eating his or her schnitzels and potato salad. If you’ve stuck with me so far you better grab a glass of water because the menu’s gonna to get a little spicy.I’m about to take you on a tour of Puerto Galera’s sex industry – as witnessed through the eyes of a female schnitzel.My friend Lisa told me that over 60 percent of girls in the Philippines become prostitutes.It’s a poor country and for some of these girls there’s simply no choice. Mostly, she said, the girls are just lazy and it’s an easy way out. Needless to say, Bill and Fabrice volunteered to come along for the ride – wanting to make sure we’d be safe. That night we visited a number of girly bars and clubs. I started chatting to her and she confessed that she was in fact a local ‘Hunter’ girl.To my fellow female travelers, I hereby declare the following: In case this type of emergency ever happens to you, you have to dial a sense of humor. “Do they have a school here, where they teach them tricks to capture the attention of the male species”, I asked Lisa.“Not hard to do”, she said, “Most of the men are ugly and old but have money”.Within minutes, a flock of young Filipino girls invaded the restaurant; they plunged into the pool and began splashing about in peek-a-boo bikinis. Demure smiles and poses for cameras in-between makeup touch-ups using tiny hand mirrors.One thing’s for sure, that day, Fabrice and Bill received a lot more attention than the ‘schnitzel and potato salad’.In schools, sexual reproductive health is hardly discussed while exposure to information about sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) is extremely limited and is not a topic talked about at home.Sex tourists to the Philippines have described the country as “Thailand 30 years ago” with condoms seldom requested by sex partners and commercial sex workers treating clients more as “boyfriends for the night” than as customers.

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